Pakistani Persian Design Silky Wool Carpet – 166x92cm

Pakistani Persian Design Silky Wool Carpet – 166x92cm

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Shop Persian Silk and Wool Carpet from Andreotti Furniture Limassol Store

Persian design Pakistani rug is made from high quality wool, cotton and silk.

The design has been inspired from Isfahan Persian carpets, medallion and corner patterns.

They are wonderful decorative pieces with soft pile and soft colors.

They are classic and valuable rugs and they can give you the luxury in your own place.

Price is for one carpet in size 166 x 92cm.

Carpets from Pakistan are handmade and now days are made from Australian wool, making these carpets similar to silk carpets.Pakistani carpets are beautiful, soft and available in many different sizes and colors.The most famous designs are the Bouchara, Jaldar, and designs inspired from Persian carpets like Bakhtiar and Isfahan.


You can buy these carpets in Cyprus from the company “Victorians Carpets” exhibited in our new shop in Cyprus under the trade name “exclusive” by Andreotti.



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